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IRIE (I-rie \I ‘ -ree) a state of peacefulness or harmony, within oneself and with the world.

The Keyboard Tappings of Gareth JamesFreelance Writer

  • A Bartender’s Observations on Alcohol

    Our students are back. I have missed them. For a zesty perk to life in The Vaults is being twice-weekly surrounded by my own children’s excitable generation. Life-affirming young people bursting with new perspectives. Fresh food for my middle-aged mind. Interested and interesting. Sharing the inspiring and confusing outlook of having one’s whole life ahead. […] read more…


  • Never do Nothing

    I listen to timeworn audiobooks while I sleep. The uncomplicated and familiar narratives of Sherlock Holmes, Dick Barton, and Bertie Wooster are never enough to keep me awake, yet mask much of the random noise generated from a busy town corner. Nevertheless, last night I was roused by frightful screaming.             Sitting up, holding breath, […] read more…

  • Our Police Commissioner & the Holy Grail

    It has been observed I would do far better opening the bar five days a week and writing two, rather than vice versa. Perhaps true, but a gratifying if unprofitable aspect to penning a column is regularly inhabiting the fantasy that something might change. Don’t laugh, but I actually convinced myself Plaid Cymru would spruce […] read more…